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Plant Based Nutrition

by Karin Gibson


To develop a lifestyle that prevents disease and optimizes health


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Why EatWhole Food Plant based?

It is very simple. The same foods that are proven to be the best for our hearts and our health, are the same foods that are proven to be the best for our entire planet! Namely, plant-based foods. Check out my top 10 reasons to eat a whole food plant-based diet.

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Disease Prevention

Did you know that around 80% of all chronic diseases and 40% of all cancers could be prevented with diet and lifestyle changes? Eating a whole-food, plant based diet has shown to be an optimal diet for health and longevity.


 Plant-Powered Children

Did you know that most teenagers eat only one serving of fruit and vegetables per day, or even less! And less than 3% of children in America get the recommended amount of fiber each day. As parents you have the power to optimize your children's health and set the stage for healthy food habits for the rest of their lives.


Healthy Pregnancy

What what a mother eats during pregnancy doesn’t only affect the baby’s growth and development, it also affects it’s future tastebuds and microbiome. A healthy start in life can begin already in the womb. Eating healthily and nourishing while pregnant is also important for the mother. It can protect her from many pregnancy related complications and help her have a more enjoyable pregnancy.


12  Tips for Beginners 

 If you want to eat more plant-based but don't know how to, let me help you with a few tips along the way.


Eating in NYC

Plant-based eating is the future. There is a growing interest in more sustainable food options all around the world. In NYC where I live, new innovative plant based spots are popping up all the time! Check out my favorites!




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