Who I am

My name is Karin Gibson and I am a registered dietitian in Sweden currently living in New York City working as a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of Gothenburg, and I am also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. After working for a few years as a dietitian in Sweden, clinically and privately, I found my passion: using the power of plants to help people develop a lifestyle that optimizes health and prevents disease.

Since I became a mother my interest naturally grew further into focusing in women’s health and helping women to thrive on a plant-based diet during precious life stages such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. As a natural step after that, I started specializing in plant-based diets for children. Now my main focus is helping parents with nutritional guidance and practical tips on how to raise happy healthy well nourished plant-based children. 

I currently coach private clients in New York City where I live with my husband and one year old daughter.

To learn more about me, you can read my personal story below, follow me on instagram, or check out the podcasts I have been featured on: The Plantiful Podcast Episode 24: The Undercover Change Maker, or The Plantiful Podcast Episode 52: How to raise plant-based children or Plant-Based Superpower Mom Podcast Episode 15: Starting Your Plant-Based Baby on Solids. I also write blog posts for companies like Tiny Organics: How to get enough iron in your baby’s diet, and Ediblend: Easy plant-based lunchbox ideas as well speak at plant-based health events such as Tulsa Veg Fest: The whole food plant-based young family and NYC Vegetarian food festival: Vegan parenting/Kids panel.



My Story

I have been a lover of animals since a young age. I grew up in the countryside in the southwest part of Sweden. We had horses, cows, cats and rabbits and I loved riding and being outdoors. I have always felt very connected to the nature and to animals. But like most of us, I grew up eating everything. As soon as I became old enough to question why we eat animals, I did. I had been to close too animals to disconnect that the pork on my plate had previously been a happy little pig with feelings just as us! We don’t eat our dogs, how can we eat pigs?! It didn’t make sense to me. I stopped eating meat, I became vegetarian (but still ate fish, aka pescetarian). As I grew up, I became increasingly more interested in health and general wellness. I started asking more questions, such as, "how do the things we eat affect us?" this led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Gothenburg University. 


The transition from eating dairy, eggs and fish to solely eating plant-based food was something that came later in life for me. Eating dairy is so deeply rooted in the Swedish culture that I didn’t start questioning this properly until a decade later when I moved to the United States. No matter how hard I tried to find the most humanely-produced milk, I realized it wasn’t good enough. The halcyon picture of farm life on the milk jug could not be further from the truth. I decided to transition to soy-milk and nut-milks, simultaneously studying Plant-based Nutrition via eCornell University. After learning about all the health benefits with a plant-based diet, it was an easy decision for me to become a plant-eater.

I was shocked to feel the benefits in my body just after a few short weeks on a plant-based diet! Since I was already a pescetarian, I didn't expect to feel much of a difference. But plants have more power than we think, and I can only just begin to imagine how amazing it would feel to transition to a plant-based diet from a standard American diet. I prefer to call myself a plant-eater rather than a vegan, even though I choose to live on plants 99% of my time. I make exceptions on occasion and don't feel like any food is forbidden. I just simply love and thrive better on plants.

Living on a plant-based diet is easy for me, maybe because of my strong motivations and my philosophy on food. I see my way of eating as lifestyle change rather than a diet. This way of living aligns most with my values and who I am; I care a lot about my health, I care a lot about the environment and I care a lot about animals. If this resonate with you too, or you just simply want to start eating more greens to feel better, welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy it, I am so happy you are here! 

- Karin