Who I am

My name is Karin Gibson and I am a registered dietitian in Sweden currently living in New York City working as a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of Gothenburg, and I am also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. After working for five years as a dietitian, clinically and privately, I found my passion: using the power of plants to help people develop a lifestyle that optimizes health and prevents disease.

Since I became a mother my interest naturally grew further into focusing in women’s health and helping women to thrive on a plant-based diet during precious life stages such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and how families can raise happy healthy well nourished children on a plant-based diet. 

I currently coach private clients in New York City where I live with my husband and one year old daughter. 



My Story

I have been a lover of animals since a young age. I grew up in the countryside in the southwest part of Sweden. We had horses, cows, cats and rabbits and I loved riding and being outdoors. I have always felt very connected to the nature and to animals. But like most of us, I grew up eating everything. As soon as I became old enough to question why we eat animals, I did. I had been to close too animals to disconnect that the pork on my plate had previously been a happy little pig with feelings just as us! We don’t eat our dogs, how can we eat pigs?! It didn’t make sense to me. I stopped eating meat, I became vegetarian (but still ate fish, aka pescetarian). As I grew up, I became increasingly more interested in health and general wellness. I started asking more questions, such as, "how do the things we eat affect us?" this led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Gothenburg University. 


The transition from eating dairy, eggs and fish to solely eating plant-based food was something that came later in life for me. Eating dairy is so deeply rooted in the Swedish culture that I didn’t start questioning this properly until a decade later when I moved to the United States. No matter how hard I tried to find the most humanely-produced milk, I realized it wasn’t good enough. The halcyon picture of farm life on the milk jug could not be further from the truth. I decided to transition to soy-milk and nut-milks, simultaneously studying Plant-based Nutrition via eCornell University. After learning about all the health benefits with a plant-based diet, it was an easy decision for me to become a plant-eater.

I was shocked to feel the benefits in my body just after a few short weeks on a plant-based diet! Since I was already a pescetarian, I didn't expect to feel much of a difference. But plants have more power than we think, and I can only just begin to imagine how amazing it would feel to transition to a plant-based diet from a standard American diet. I prefer to call myself a plant-eater rather than a vegan, even though I choose to live on plants 99% of my time. I make exceptions on occasion and don't feel like any food is forbidden. I just simply love and thrive better on plants.

Living on a plant-based diet is easy for me, maybe because of my strong motivations and my philosophy on food. I see my way of eating as lifestyle change rather than a diet. This way of living aligns most with my values and who I am; I care a lot about my health, I care a lot about the environment and I care a lot about animals. If this resonate with you too, or you just simply want to start eating more greens to feel better, welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy it, I am so happy you are here! 

- Karin 

A while ago I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Isabelle and Noah from The Plantiful Podcast. We discussed everything from why a whole-food plant-based diet is great for health, how we all feel after living on plants for a few years, we share tips and tricks on how you can easily get started, we debunk some common myths around different foods, and lastly we also speak what to think about if you are vegan and pregnant. Clink on the link below if you want to listen!