Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream


Making your own vegan ice cream proves to be much easier, and goes a lot quicker, than we first thought. At least Paul thinks so, he is the one making it. My responsibility is licking the bowls and do the dishes. The recipe he uses comes from Van Leeuween's cook book "Artisan ice cream". Their vegan ice cream has been my favourite vegan ice cream to buy in the supermarket, or in their own shops, as it is so rich, creamy and flavorful! It is nothing like a watery vegan sorbet, it has the consistence of the creamiest and most luxurious ice cream, but it is only made of natural and fresh plant based ingredients. Van Leeuwen makes regular ice cream too, of cows milk and cream, but no need for that when their vegan ice cream is top notch! 


If you would like to give it a try, below is the recipe. We use a Cusinart Ice cream maker, but any Ice Cream maker should be fine.

If you have never tried their vegan ice cream before, I would recommend head over to one of Van Leeuwen's shops on Manhattan or in Brooklyn (or in LA), or stop by one of their cute vans to get yourself a scope. I guarantee you will enjoy it! 

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