Holistic Wellness Workshop



A weeks ago I had the pleasure to co-host a holistic wellness workshop with my yoga teacher and friend Kate O'Connor from Breathe Move Flow. A group of nurses from New York Presbyterian Hospital should have a team building evening together and wanted to incorporate some health and wellness activities, so we were invited to help out. It was really fun and it seemed like everybody enjoyed it. 

We started with offering everyone a welcome smoothie since they all came straight from work and were probably a little hungry and thirsty. After they had introduced themselves for each other and had a few minutes of team building talks, Kate kicked off with some yoga movements to get everybody grounded and in movement. After some easy poses and Savasana, the final resting pose, I had a quick presentation about healthy eating and the benefits of a plant-based diet. As part of the team building activities everyone got involved in the cooking, one group did the Red lentil soup with ginger and coconut, and the other group made Energy balls for dessert. Everyone enjoyed the plant-based meal and left with full stomachs, soft bodies, clearer minds and a closer relationship to one another. It was a successful and fun evening. Thank you all who joined us and happily engaged in all activities! 

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