The Impossible Burger!


Last night a few friends of mine and I tried the world renown Impossible Burger, and it was awesome!! It is a burger made solely out of plants, but that tastes like, and has the consistency of real meat. My meat eating friends said the flavor was exactly the same! Finally meat eaters who say they can't give up meat because they like it too much can get the same satisfaction from plants. I still love my bean burgers just as much, but this burger is so welcomed on the market and it can really have a HUGE impact on the life of farmed animals and the health of our planet!


Just imagine if McDonalds, which ALONE sells one billion pounds of beef to Americans every year (five and a half million head of cattle!), started serving this burger, wouldn't that be amazing?! Even if only one out of ten burgers would be plant-based just imagine what that would mean for our environment.  


There is no legitimate way to deny climate change any longer, we all know that global warming is a serious problem and we have to do something about it. Now. And we can. Reducing our own meat consumption, or completely stop eating meat , is something that we can do instantly. We do not need to wait for new technology, new regulations, new environmentally friendlier ways to live our lives, we already have the power and it lies in our own knifes and forks.


Did you know that eating a omnivore diet (which includes meat) contributes to more than twice as much greenhouse gas emissions than eating a plant-based diet, and beef is the worst of all animal foods when it comes to carbon emissions, water consumption, deforestation and land exploitation?



I am not trying to convince everyone to go vegan tomorrow, but I want you to understand that you have the power to do at least something about it here and now. It can be as simple as choosing to eat green meals more often at home or when dining out. Together we can make a difference! With support from the world's most powerful people and companies (Bill Gates and Google are both investors in Impossible Foods) of course we can!   


If you haven't heard of Impossible Foods before, check out their website or one of many articles written about it: Can the Impossible Burger save the world? And of course, if you have the chance to visit NYC, LA or San Francisco then take the opportunity to test it out yourself, and see what you think about it. Some people who tried it without knowing it was made from plants, said they could tell it was made out of grass-fed beef! 

Karin Gibson