Why have a blog?

Most people I meet are curious about how it is to eat plant-based, and have many questions about it. Many tell me they would like to eat more greens, or would like to cut down on dairy and meat, or simply would like to eat healthier - and get healthier! Others are totally confused about what foods are actually good for us. And no wonder they are, as we are all constantly bombarded of contradictive diet messages by media.


Whatever the question, I love talking about food and nutrition. I will always do my best to answer, as well as explain how it is to eat plant-based, and the reason why I do it. A fellow dietitian and dear friend suggested I start a blog to channel out my passion for plant-based nutrition, and I thought to myself - why not?! That is how Grazing Greens was born. 


Grazing Greens will be a platform where I can gradually collect all the questions and answers, and hopefully the Q&A's can be useful for even more people. Eventually, I hope to have so much information on the blog that anyone who reads it can get enough knowledge about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, to feel empowered to make wise diet and lifestyle choices. If I can inspire anyone to eat more plants, try a new recipe or learn something new about nutrition, or even better, ultimately get healthier and feel better by this blog, that would be amazing!


This blog will also be a great way for me to share my favorite recipes and cooking tips, as again, many of my nearest and dearest ask for inspiration of how to cook easy and tasty plant-based meals. I have plenty of delicious recipes piled up at home, so why not use this blog to share them all!


This blog is not just for vegans or plant-based eaters, it is for anyone wanting to incorporate more greens into their daily life for whatever reason. I would love to be your support along the way. 


Welcome to Grazing Greens!