When I first met Karin, I was eating an unhealthy diet and didn’t know how to change. Karin taught me the science behind nutrition, shared great recipes, gave me restaurant recommendations, and much more. After working with her, my whole relationship to food has changed. My palate has expanded. I’ve stopped counting calories. I’ve learned to cook. I’m eating healthy. Oh, and did I mention I lost 10 lbs? Although she is an expert, Karin is personable and non-judgmental. I highly recommend working with her.
— Terry Enright
When I met Karin I considered myself fit and healthy, I am a yoga teacher after all. However, there are a lot of different theories and trends regarding what one ‘should’ be eating these days and it can get confusing. I was lost in a sea of information. I am so grateful that I met Karin, a clinical nutritionist and plant-based nutrition expert. I immediately felt at ease with Karin and I appreciated that she was up-to-date on all of the latest research and evidence. Most importantly, it was clear that Karin practices what she preaches because her skin seems to glow from the inside and she is always smiling – true indicators of health and wellbeing in my book. Karin made everything so simple to understand. I was finally able to grasp that proper nutrition is not about trends and figure what worked for me as an individual. I cannot thank Karin enough for her support and guidance. I highly recommend nutrition consultations with Karin because she an expert in her field, extremely warm and approachable, and makes healthy eating simple.
— Kate O’Connor, RYT Licensed Mental Health Counselor Registered Yoga Teacher

I highly recommend Karin. She is extremely knowledgeable, committed and generous. When I found out I was pregnant earlier this year and a bit scare about continuing with a plant-based diet, she immediately offered her advice and calmed me down. She even responded to my questions on nutrition, supplements and tips to morning sickness as she was giving birth. Once her baby was born and I felt more certain about my diet, we continued in touch. Karin has a lovely disposition, is non-judgmental and truly enjoys offering advice based on what is best to each of her clients and her knowledge about nutrition.
— Monica Adame