Private Nutrition Counseling


Based on your own goals, your food preferences and individual needs, I will help you optimize your health and wellness through diet. 

  • Do you want to eat healthier and feel better, but don’t know how to start and would like guidance?

  • Are you pregnant, breast-feeding, or have a baby that you want to raise plant-based, but worried that you wont cover all the specific nutritional needs during those precious life stages?

  • Do you want to start eating a whole-food, plant-based diet and would like tips on how to easily, effortlessly and safely do it?

I am here to help you.

I will help you to develop a sustainable and enjoyable way to eat that will not only cover your nutritional needs and make you feel great, but which will also help prevent disease and optimize your health for the rest of your life.  


Private Consultation

How does it work?

Whether you have contacted me to get help with a specific disease or health condition, or if you seek to develop a sustainable and enjoyable way to eat that optimizes health, I always want to start by learning about your unique situation and your own goals. Before I give any nutrition recommendations I will do a full nutrition and dietary assessment, as well as an assessment of medical history, lifestyle, current medication, supplementation and overall health status. I will also refer to lab testing if I think it is needed.


Based on the information gained I will give you personalized nutrition recommendations and explain what changes I think are needed, and why. Next step is that we, together, will work out an action plan that you feel is reasonable and achievable, and most importantly will lead you to the place YOU wish to be.


I will guide you and support you along the way. I will help facilitate gradual changes so you wont feel overwhelmed but excited and motivated. I will provide you with meal plans, recipes, nutrition guides etc; all which will be helpful to make the transition easy and smooth. I will be available to you in between sessions; you have unlimited access to me via email, text or phone. My goal is that you eventually have all the tools and knowledge you need to feel empowered to eat in the way that allows you to live the life you want. 

Let’s embark on a journey together. I am the map-reader and you are the driver. You decide how fast we drive but I make sure we get to the right destination .

Services included when you book private nutritional consulting: 

  • Personalized nutrition plan and food recommendations

  • Nutritional supplement recommendations if needed

  • Nutrition guides and nutrition education

  • Motivation and support to help follow the agreed action plan

  • Guidance for grocery shopping and meal preparation

  • Recipe recommendations

  • Optional market or grocery shop visit

  • Optional in-house pantry visit

  • Connection to support groups and online tools

  • Literature and cook book recommendations

  • Realistic to-do list of actionable goals to work towards in between sessions



Discovery consultation - 15 min (complimentary)

Initial assessment – 90 min

Follow up assessment – 60 min

Unlimited email, phone and/or text support in-between sessions


Book for your session 

No minimum sessions required, depending on individual needs different counseling packages are available. I meet with clients’ weekdays as well as weekends. 

The nutritional counseling can be held in New York City or be done virtually, by telephone or videoconferencing.

If you are interested in any of the services above, please contact me and we can discuss your request more in detail

Looking forward to work together! 


specialty areas:

  • Fertility, Pregnancy & Lactation

  • Pediatric nutrition

  • Eating disorders

  • Weight Management & General wellness

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Gastrointestinal & Digestive disorders

  • Food allergies & sensitivities